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Save Instantly at Office Max! #Omax10



Things are getting busy here and we are stocking up on classroom supplies. We are also on the look out for the best deals! Office Max has some really amazing ones but why stop there? Did you know that you can find gift cards there? Talk about knocking two things out at once. Find supplies, buy gifts for birthday or for teachers. I can handle that!

To make it better, right now you can save $10 with an instant rebate when you buy 2, $50 VISA gift cards, in-store at Office Max. And you may be asking- Why get a person a VISA gift card? Well for one- it can be used anywhere so the person can use it on a restaurant, a movie, clothes, or anything else that they may want or need at that moment in time. But if that is not enough motivation for you here are some more reasons:
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Cooking up a Storm with @Overstock


Having a food allergy you find yourself in the kitchen pretty much 80% of your day- if not more. At least- that is the way it is in our house. There is not a thing such as a “quick dinner” for those busy nights. Well, we have tacos that are fairly quick to make still. But who wants tacos¬†every night.¬†We certainly do not.

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Last Minute Shopping? Great deal at Albertsons #AlbsLstMin #giveaway


There are only 10 days left until Christmas! Yikes! Where does time go?!?!

I am almost done with my shopping but I do have some last minute things I need to get. OK, let me rephrase that, I have a lot of a last minute things to get. Who am I kidding?!?! I won’t lie I am a frugal/lazy shopper. I hate buying gifts for people as I mentioned in my last post so I go gift cards. I mean- who doesn’t enjoy a night out to their favorite restaurant? And what is better then saving money while buying gift cards? Yep, Nothing! I love saving while spending!

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Getting Ready for the Holidays with @BestBuy #holidayprep

Where has time gone?!?!?! It seems like we just started school the other day! But the weather is changing and we are getting closer and closer to the Holiday season. For me that means a lot of cooking!

With being gluten free we do a ton of baking for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Having the proper appliances to hold up to our holiday cooking chaos is important. The sad part is. This year all of our appliances will turn 11 years old. I am just dreading the day that they die out on us. So I am starting to keep my eye open for what exactly I want. But I can’t decide! I know I want a double sided fridge. I am also in need of a dishwasher. My kids and I are having a hard time keeping up with all the cooking we do around here. But my biggest battles are the stoves! What do I want more? Gas? electric? Oh the choices.

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Save on Gas and Groceries #HyVeeSaves

client with credit card shopping in flowers shop


I love shopping at HyVee. it is one of the few places around here where I can find a HUGE selection of my Gluten Free foods while saving money on them. We all know how expensive our foods can be so saving in one way or another is even better! In the past they have done a fuel saver where you can save so many cents off if you spend a certain amount in groceries. The more you spent the more in fuel you will save. Now they have an even better deal with their Fuel Saver Card! This is a great weekend to do some great grocery shopping and earn rewards in more then one way!

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Tips for Healthy Eating #Sponsored Post

At first, following a gluten-free, all-natural diet may seem intimidating, especially when it comes to cooking at home. After all, gluten can be hiding in a number of typical pantry staples, and things that you loved to bake before may need a revamp. Luckily, you can use these dietary restrictions and substitutions infographic to help get your started on your gluten-free journey.

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Do you really eat Healthy?

Have you ever stepped back and wondered what you are really taking in when eating? Ever since going gluten free I have found I am much more aware of the stuff that goes into my foods. There were so many ingredients that I could not even pronounce! It made me realize that maybe I was not eating as healthy as I thought!

Now there are things like HFCS and MSG and aspartame. Really what are those things? Then it made me think- what is in my fast food? I hate to even THINK about it know! Then there is the dreaded Gluten! It is everywhere, in meat, in cheeses. It seems like ever corner I turn there it is. Why is there wheat in Soy Sauce or Rice Wine?

So it made me wonder what people really eat like. Below is an info graphic with some shocking numbers.

Ok lets look at this- 156 pounds of sugar! Yep 156 pounds! That is like one of me filled with nothing but sugar! But on the plus side 75% of those surveyed say the pick out foods that are lower in fat. I can honestly say I am not one of those people. I do the whole milk, the regular salad dressing, the regular yogurt, the regular cheese. I believe that there are good fats and bad fats and it is key to find the balance.

Now they one category I do fall in is that 43% of American Families eat meals together daily. Yep. We do this. The TV gets turned off. We sit around the table no matter how busy we are and take time to eat together. We talk about our day, we listen to a bible study thing the kids are doing. We spend that time together.

 I want to hear from you. Do you and your family fall under any of these Statistics? If you are interested in learning more about Gluten Free living please visit the NFCA website! After reading these I do have a goal of doing better myself (at least on the sugar intake).

~This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for sharing the info graphic. Regardless I wouldn’t of shared it if I didn’t think it would benefit my readers. I am not a nutritionist or a doctor so these thoughts are not meant to be taken as medical advice!~