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Do you really eat Healthy?

Have you ever stepped back and wondered what you are really taking in when eating? Ever since going gluten free I have found I am much more aware of the stuff that goes into my foods. There were so many ingredients that I could not even pronounce! It made me realize that maybe I was not eating as healthy as I thought!

Now there are things like HFCS and MSG and aspartame. Really what are those things? Then it made me think- what is in my fast food? I hate to even THINK about it know! Then there is the dreaded Gluten! It is everywhere, in meat, in cheeses. It seems like ever corner I turn there it is. Why is there wheat in Soy Sauce or Rice Wine?

So it made me wonder what people really eat like. Below is an info graphic with some shocking numbers.

Ok lets look at this- 156 pounds of sugar! Yep 156 pounds! That is like one of me filled with nothing but sugar! But on the plus side 75% of those surveyed say the pick out foods that are lower in fat. I can honestly say I am not one of those people. I do the whole milk, the regular salad dressing, the regular yogurt, the regular cheese. I believe that there are good fats and bad fats and it is key to find the balance.

Now they one category I do fall in is that 43% of American Families eat meals together daily. Yep. We do this. The TV gets turned off. We sit around the table no matter how busy we are and take time to eat together. We talk about our day, we listen to a bible study thing the kids are doing. We spend that time together.

 I want to hear from you. Do you and your family fall under any of these Statistics? If you are interested in learning more about Gluten Free living please visit the NFCA website! After reading these I do have a goal of doing better myself (at least on the sugar intake).

~This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for sharing the info graphic. Regardless I wouldn’t of shared it if I didn’t think it would benefit my readers. I am not a nutritionist or a doctor so these thoughts are not meant to be taken as medical advice!~

Gifts for Mom ~ #Sponsored Post

I know it seems as though Mother’s day is months away. However, time does fly. It is never to early to start thinking about the perfect gift. I wanted to do a quick post about some of my favorite gift ideas. These are great for Mother’s Day, birthday, or even an anniversary gift (for you guys out there!).


Something home made is always loved by mom. And really it does not have to cost a lot! One idea is taking a large clothes pin, painting it like a flower and just clip a picture in it! Simple is easy. Another gift that I received once that I love are some candle holders. My sister took a thick glass vase, printed off some pictures of my kids, placed them on the vases, and tied a black ribbon around them. I wish I had a picture to show you but they broke in our latest move. But it was simple and easy and I loved them! Last but not least- get her the flowers that keep on giving with a Hand Print Flower Pot! Take a flowering pot and paint it. You can personalize it with hand prints and then plant some flowers in them!

Give her a Day of Pampering:

This one does not have to be expensive either. Treat her to breakfast in bed. Make her dinner or lunch. Do the dishes for her, maybe fold the clothes. Allow her to sit and relax. Or- if you really want to get to heart- take the kids outside or to the park and insist she does something she hasn’t had since having kids- a nice quiet uninterrupted hot bubble bath. Yes moms, you know what I am talking about. The hot relaxing bath that you used to take before the knock at the door every two seconds! Let her enjoy that again, even if it is just for one day.

The Gift of Jewelry:

If you want to go the money route. Or there is something special you could always get her some jewelry! You can never go wrong with jewelry! I recently came across a site called Fragments (sponsor). They are the online retailer of fine jewelry makers. On this site you can find beautiful one of a kind pieces of art. They have rings, bracelets and necklaces. They range from gold, silver, diamonds, pearls. It would be next to impossible to not be able to find anything! Here are some of my favorite pieces I found and would love to own some day:

So when shopping for mom just remember. As long as it comes from the heart she will LOVE it. And yes guys, that means no blenders please! (unless she specifically asked for one!)
What are some of your favorite gifts you have received since being a mom?
~This post is sponsored by They are an online retailer of high end jewelry pieces like the ones you see above. No other compensation was exchanged.~ 

A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes- Planning the Dream

One of our dreams is to take our kids to Disney. My daughter wants to go see “Cinderella’s home”, my son wants to go see McQueen and Woody. The Popo and I just want to see their faces light up. One of my better memories growing up was going to Disney. I wanted to make sure though that my kids were A) old enough to cherish that memory and B) Tall enough to ride everything they wanted. We took a big trip last year to the east coast so I thought maybe our next big trip could be Disney.

Then I was given a challange. It is an Orlando Vacation Challenge sponsored by Orlando Vacation. I am so glad I took this challenge because I have learned so much and now I know what to expect! For one- Sea World now has Aquatica which is like a giant water park where you can do things like a “Lazy River” except it is under water so you can see the fish, or a Dolphin Plung where you go down a water slide that will take you under water to see dolphins! There is so much to choose. So now the problem of finding out what to do and for how long. So I started my search on Orlando Vacation with the hotel.

Since we are not that picky on where we sleep I went with a simple Hawthorn Suits by Wyndham. The selling point on this was the price $89 a night for a total of $534 for 6 nights. The other part was that it had free breakfast, full kitchen, and kids under 17 stay free. They also offer free shuttle services to the parks and literally a block away from Sea World!

 Then the task of figuring which parks and how long. I went with the Disney 3 Day pass which gave me a bonus of an extra day. This should give us plenty of time to visit Magic Kingdom, Epcot and MGM. Then we decided to spend a day at Universal Studios and got access to Universal Studio Island of Adventure which has even more rides. Last but not least I went with a simple Day pass to Sea World.

Yep you see that right: $2497! That is all! I figured it would cost us around 5K but $2400 for a family of 4 to spend a week of fun and dreams?!?! That can’t be true. Let’s check out other sites.

I first checked Expedia and found my hotel. It was more expensive at $569.64 for 6 nights. To get the same tickets and everything the total came to $2921.58! I would save $424.58 going through Orlando Vacation! Maybe I did something wrong?

Lets go to Orbitz. Same hotel was MORE. It came to $129/night for a total of $774! The tickets were comparable but it came up to $2736. That is $239 more then Orlando Vacation!  Surely going to the Disney Website directly would get me a better deal right? WRONG! I couldn’t even find a hotel to stay in! For the dates I selected, I stopped clicking “Check availability” at the $196/night hotels! So I didn’t even go further on that one!

I was amazed at how much different the pricing was. Just goes to show how doing your research can save you a TON of money! I am now even more inspired to take my kids to Orlando. I would love to do it this year but we need a break from our big vacation last summer so maybe next year. Regardless I know where I am going to be planning my trip when we get to that point!

What would your dream trip to Disney look like?

~This is a paid sponsored post. Regardless I would not of posted if I did not feel it would benefit my readers!~

Little Passports : Mardi Gras Arts & Crafts Fun with Your Kids!

Little Passports : Mardi Gras Arts & Crafts Fun with Your Kids! 

Mardi Gras is here and people all over the USA (not just in Louisiana) are celebrating with parades and parties. The celebrations don’t stop until Tuesday March 4th, so there is plenty of time for you to join in the fun! To get you in the spirit, Sam and Sofia have sent you a Mardi Gras Float to build. (Click on the link to get this wonderful arts and crafts printout!) Maybe you could even gather a few friends and have a Little Passports parade of your own! 

Little Passports also enables you to teach your child about the hundreds of different cultures around our world and around the USA. Each month, a package addressed to your kids (which they LOVE) arrives full of little goodies like stickers for their own passport, activity sheets that teach them about major landmarks around the world and gets their brain going with fun word scrambles. Little Passports even shares fun recipes that you can cook up with your kids to turn them into little chefs who know all about foods from different cultures. Subscriptions start at just $10.95/month which is another bonus! This is also the perfect resource for anyone who homeschools out there. Let me know what you think after you get set up with your own Little Passports subscription.

~This post contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission for each subscription. Regardless I would not share this if I did not feel it was beneficial to my readers!~

Toopy & Binoo Cartoon Now Available in US! #sponsored Post

I am always on the look out for cute and adorable shows that are appropriate for my kids or my niece and nephews. But tucked away from us up north in Canada is one for kids 2-6. Toopy & Binoo. Toopy is a tall friendly mouse and Binoo is his best friend, a tiny, clever cat.

In these shows Toopy loves to talk about their adventures and Binoo well, he is quiet and gets his point across with hand gestures. Here is a clip of the show:

It just looks fun and cute! While my kids are out of this age range my nephew is not! I can not wait to see how he likes it!

You can learn more about this show and watch episodes on their YouTube Channel. Also be sure to stay up to date with them on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also learn more about Toopy and Binoo during a Twitter Party Thursday the 20th at 1pm EST. Participate in the fun by following #ToopyandBinoo and @ResourcefulMom. There will be some door prize such as a prize pack valued at $25 with a plus Toopy and Binoo and more. Also one grand prize winner will receive a Toopy and Binoo plush AND a $100 Amazon Gift Card! If you want you can RSVP HERE.

I hope to see you tomorrow at 1pm EST on twitter!

~I received some Toopy & Binoo products in exchange for assisting with this promotion. No other form of compensation was exchanged. I would not promote anything if I did not feel it would be a good deal for my readers. ~

Valentine’s Day Sale for Little Passport!

Little Passports Valentine’s Day Sale – $5 Off Site Wide 

Have you heard of Little Passports? If not, you need to…and this Little Passports Valentine’s Day Sale – $5 Off Site Wide is the perfect time to get started! My kids love their Little Passports that they receive! It is so fun to watch them play “traveler” with it!

When you do sign up be sure to use the code 5VDAY when you are checking out to get a $5 discount. Little Passports takes your kid(s) on journeys around the US, 2 states at a time, and even around the world to countries like Egypt and Italy! The subscription enables you to teach your child about the hundreds of different cultures at their own pace. Each month, a package addressed to your kids (which they LOVE) arrives full of little goodies like stickers for their own passport, activity sheets that teach them about major landmarks around the world and gets their brain going with fun puzzles and crosswords.

Little Passports even shares delicious recipes that you can cook up with your kids to turn them into little chefs who know all about foods from different cultures.(Yum!) Subscriptions start at just $10.95/month which is another bonus! This is also a perfect resource for home school students out there looking to embrace a new way of learning geography. The Little Passports sale ends Saturday, February 15, so use the promo code 5VDAY soon!

This $5 off offer is valid on new subscription plans only and cannot be applied towards previous purchases.Cannot be combined with any other offers.Offer is valid through 11:59 PM EST, Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Operation Smile and ~ #Sponsored Post

Having of gone through college I know how expensive it can be. The books especially! I remember paying o$300+ dollars for USED books and that was 13 years ago (yep just aged myself!). I can only imagine how much they must cost now!
I am actually looking into going back to school. Since becoming a Special Education Para I have grown to love watching kids with needs grow and helping them when others have given up on them. It is the most rewarding job a person can have (other then being a mommy). But the cost is scaring me. At least now I know, when I am ready to take that plunge I have options. (sponsor) helps you rent the books you need while saving up to 80% and offer free shipping! Now they have expanded that experience by offering RentBack. Students can rent out the books they own to other students! By doing this the can make 2-4X more then buy back programs! Here is how it works:

Another feature about this service that I like: they donate to Operation Smile. Operation smile is a international charity that helps kids who are born with facial deformities such as cleft lip and cleft palate. Ever 3 minutes a child is born with this, and one out of 10 of them will die before their first birthday. Those who do survive are often unable to speak, eat, socialize, or simply smile. Can you imagine not seeing the beautiful smile of a child. To me nothing speaks volumes more then the smile of child. Since 1982 Operation Smile, with the help of medical volunteers, have provided more then 3.5 million patient evaluations and over 200,00 free surgeries for children and young adults.

I think it is great that CampusBookRentals donates to such a dedicated charity. I think their services alone is enough to check them out. But knowing what they stand for, makes me want to use their services even more when I get to the point in our life where I can afford to go back to school.

You can learn more by visiting

The Symbols of the Sochi Spirit in the Olympics! ~ Little Passports

Now that the Olympics are in full swing we are hearing more and more about the events and the medals. My kids are really excited for them this year and love to watch them! They are also asking about Russia, and the other countries wanting to learn more! I think a lot of that is thanks to Little Passports!

Little Passports Teaches You The Symbols of the Sochi Spirit in the 2014 Winter Olympics! 

The Winter Olympic Games take place in Sochi, Russia this year! Host Countries and Cities love incorporating distinctive cultural details throughout each Olympics to share their history and spirit with the world. What are some features that make the 2014 Winter Olympics’ symbols unique? 

Join Sam and Sofia as they learn about three of the Sochi Games’ distinctive symbols—the torch, medals, and mascots! 

The Olympic Torch
The countdown to the Games kicks-off with the Olympic torch relay, which delivers the Olympic flame from Olympia, Greece to the Host City through a series of runners. For the Sochi Games, each runner carries an eye-catching, red and silver torch. 

The torch’s curved shape is inspired by the feather of the golden Firebird, a mythical creature celebrated in Russian fairytales and folklore. According to one legend, the Firebird’s feathers “light the way” and bring good fortune and happiness. You might notice patterns inspired by the Firebird and its feathers throughout the Sochi Games. For example, look for them on Team Russia’s uniforms! 


The Olympic Medals
The top three finishers in every event will receive one of the 2014 Winter Olympic medals. They are metal and feature an etched glass-like insert with jagged edges resembling mountain peaks and the seashore. This design highlights Sochi’s unique position between the cold snow-capped Caucasus Mountains and the warm sandy beaches of the Black Sea. 

The medals also feature the Sochi Olympics’ recognizable “Patchwork Quilt” design, a mosaic of 16 traditional patterns that celebrate Russia’s rich traditions and cultural diversity. Keep an eye out for the colorful quilt design everywhere at the Games, such as on the torch bearers’ outfits and Olympic souvenirs! 

The Olympic MascotsSam and Sofia can’t wait to meet the Snow Leopard, the Hare, and the Polar Bear—the 2014 winter Games’ mascots! The Sochi Olympics invited everyone in Russia to submit their ideas for the mascots, and to vote for their favorite from the finalists. Officials selected the top three finishers, representing the three places on the awards podium, as the official mascots. 

These three native Russian animals represent the country’s spirit and embody the Olympic values. The Polar Bear is depicted as friendly, intelligent and always striving for new athletic heights, while the Hare is an excellent student and loves sports. Tough and strong, the choice of the Snow Leopard, a native of Sochi’s nearby Caucasus Mountains and a critically endangered species, draws attention to Russia’s increasing focus on animal conservation. Look for the three Olympic mascots spreading joy and Olympic spirit throughout the Games! 

Sam and Sofia can’t wait to join their friends in Russia to support athletes from around the world. They are very excited to keep an eye out for all of these Olympic symbols as they watch the Winter Games this year! 

~This post contains affiliate links. I receive a commission from each subscription purchased. Regardless I would not post this if I did not feel it was a good program for my readers and their kids!~

Gluten Free Saver Deal of the Week 2/4 ft @CuisineCube @HomeFreeTreats

This week is a double deal! Gluten Free saver has two great savings for you this week so hurry on over there before the sale ends! 
Deal #1:
$19 for $29.99 worth of Cuisine Cube’s delicious gluten-free foods!
Cuisine Cube is a gluten free subscription box! Receive gluten free goodies to your door each month!

Home Free cookies are a great, delicious Gluten Free cookie. The kids really enjoy’s these! 
Both of these deals end on February 10th so hurry and order today!
~This post contains affiliate links. I am compensated based off of orders placed. Regardless I would not of posted unless I felt this was truly a good deal!~

Superbowl Sunday! With @TGIF_Snacks ~ #sponsored

We have all seen the T.G.I Friday’s snacks in our freezer section. Well now they have their favorites in crunchy tasty snacks!

T.G.I Friday’s offers Crunchy Fries, Mozzarella Sticks, Onion Rings, and their Potato Skins in various size bags.

These look really good and I wish I lived in the city again so I can find these! When my husband goes into the city tomorrow I am going to have him stop to check the Walmart there!  If you are gluten free be sure to read the ingredients to make sure they are safe for you! If I find them I will let you know how they are!

You can find these bags and the freezer selections at most Walmarts! They also have a store locator so be sure to check it out to make sure your store is carrying these yummy looking products!

Also be sure to check them out on facebook and twitter!

They have a coupon on Facebook for 50 cents off! CLICK HERE TO PRINT!

~I received coupons to receive a free bag of these snacks to review. As soon as I find them a review with my thoughts and opinion will be posted. I am posting this secondary preview post as a courtesy to the company since I was not able to locate their products in time for the super bowl. No extra compensation was received for this. ~