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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Announcing our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

If you are a company looking to promote for this holiday season I can help you in 3 different ways:

Sponsored Post: This will be a basic blog write up about your company and what we have to offer. There will be no follow links directing people to your site and social media.  Cost $30

Product Review: Send me a product you would like to feature and I will review it. The review will link back to your site and social (no follow links) and will have original photos of the product. The product sent must be an unused FULL SIZE product (no samples) to qualify for the review.

Product Review and Giveaway: Same as the product review (product for review must be sent to me). Except at the end of the post will be a giveaway form. Giveaway entries would include following you on social media, browsing your site, and sharing the post. You will be responsible for shipping the prize to the winner. I will not send the review product to the winner (who wants a used item as a prize anyway?), and I will not accept the second product to mail out. I will provide you with a winner name and mailing address only for the shipment of the prize to the winner.

Any post accepted to our gift guide will be promoted on social media during the Holiday Gift Guide period during the month of November. All Giveaways will end before December 1st so that winner can receive prize before Christmas. The post will also be linked to on our Holiday Gift Guide tab which stays up for the year.

If you would like to be considered for this promotional period please fill out the form below:


Holiday Gift Guide Coming Soon!

Yep! We are thinking Holiday’s already! Why? Well now what fun would the Holiday’s be with out some fun giveaways! 
Starting October 15th and running through November 30th we will be hosting giveaways for gifts we think would be fun to give! 
So far we have a few books (one for kids and some for adults) and some sugar scrubs. I am working on a few more things!
With that said: We are looking for sponsors! If you run a business and would like to have your products featured in our gift guide CONTACT ME
What are we looking for? Well- anything family friendly! Something for Kids, Something for the Guys, Something for the Ladies, something for the pets! Anything you can imagine being given as a gift! 
By sponsoring this event we will: Review your product- include original photos, links to your site and more! Then the giveaway portion will have people follow you via your social media, browse your website and it will be on list that will be on numerous other blogs! 
This is all being hosted by the Pitch List. So feel free to check out the other blogs to see what type of exposure you can get by being a part of this great event! You can view them HERE!

Road Trip Time!

I am really excited to say we finally get to take a family vacation! This one is not only going to be a fun adventure but a learning experience for the kiddos as well!

As you may have seen the other day we do Civil War Reenacting. First let me explain what exactly that is. It is where a bunch of volunteers get together and relive the 1860-1865 area. We wear period clothing, sleep in period tents, cook over an open fire using cast iron, and we even use period lighting (lanterns and not flash lights). Pretty much the only “modern” thing we use is A- the cooler and B- the port a johns. We go camp out where people can come up and ask us questions about the time period and about the war. We spend countless hours studying, preparing, sewing (we make our own clothes) and we are always learning something new and exciting.  This is a great family adventure and our kids love showing off their 1860’s toys and clothes.

We are now starting to get into the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War. So a lot of major things are happening. This year is one of the biggest- the 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg and we are going! We will travel through at least 8 states with in 10 days for this trip. We are going to go visit some family in Virginia Beach, then go up to DC and show the kids some of those monuments, then we will end up in Gettysburg for a weekend. Then we will come home via a different route.

We are really excited to be a part of such a big event and to be able to take our kids to places like DC and Virginia Beach. We have our route plotted, our night stops marked and budget set, we figure in all, this trip will cost us about $1000. This is our first trip gluten free as well so it should be interesting to see what the East Coast has to offer!

With that said- I am now offering advertising on my blog! I can do text ads in posts, ad space on my sidebars and even up top. The rates do vary based on where the ad is placed and if I need to create it for you. The prices start at $20/month. I do offer discounts for “bundling” months (pay for 5months get 1 month free, pay for 10 months get 2 months free sort of deals). I also do sponsor posts that start at $30 (can negotiate lower rates if you plan on writing). For exact rates and details please feel free to contact me! The cost to keep this living history going is rising and with gas prices the way they are any assistance is appreciated!