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Summer Traveling with @GlutinoFoods


It is officially summer time! I love that my job allows me to be off during the summer with the kids! It makes doing fun things easier to do. This summer we have a few things planned.

Instead of traveling any place to far we will be doing more of a Staycation this year. We will be going to a nearby city that I honestly can say I have never been to in all my years living in this state! I can not wait to go! We will be seeing a rodeo, touring a couple of places. It is just a little 2 day getaway this year but it will still be fun!

We also have some camps planned for the kids. One will be to a church camp, and then the other is just your VBS that you see around towns/cities. Then my son has cub scout camp. Lots of camps! We are also hoping to do some camping of our own at a reenactment (hopefully).

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A trip to remember: #KansasCity @VisitKC



Over the course of the month I have been posting little snip its of our trip to Kansas City. We were able to go spend a weekend there during the first weekend and it was amazing! However our trip could not be possible with out VisitKC.

Through their website we were able to find things that our family would enjoy. They also planned somethings that we would of never thought about going to with our kids!

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Adventures at the Kansas City Zoo


Way back when I was a kid one of my favorite memories was of the Kansas City Zoo. I can’t remember how old I was exactly- just that we went and a goat tried to eat my sundress. Yeah, I tend to remember the odd things. But here we were, in front of the Kansas City Zoo. I was excited to be back here with my kids and was hoping to have some memories made from this trip.

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A night of comfort and Luxury with Sheraton


After a day of Lego’s, fish and King Tut we were exhausted. Walking around Crown Center all day can be very tiresome, so we just simply crossed the street to our hotel! We were staying at the Sheraton Crown Center and could not wait to rest our feet. I was greeted promptly with a smile and check in went quickly. You know this is going to be a nice stay the minute you walk in and see the lobby (pictured right).

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Under The Sea at SEALife Aquarium!


One of the last, but not least, places we visited on our fun little trip was SEALife Aquarium. Little Miss loves fish and anything under water so this was the one thing she has been looking forward to all day.

SEALife Aquarium takes the your kids under the sea to explore the life that lives below. From Jelly Fish to Piranhas  you can see up close and personal the wonders of under water life. They have over 5,000 sea creatures for you to learn about and explore.

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150th Gettysburg Reenactment June 27th-30th

Well it is finally here! The time we were waiting for and the main reason for this trip. There were 2 commemorative reenactments to remember the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and we participated in the 1st one. They had 11,000 reenactors show up for this event. They even had people come over from Germany, Australia, Italy, Japan and then of course our neighbors to the north- Canada!  So it was a big to do! Each morning started with a cavalry battle. There was some sort of battle going on all day long each day so it was really amazing! My kids had a blast as well. I hope you enjoy these photos!

Picket’s Charge

Picket’s Charge

A Cav fight. I swear my hubby is there somewhere

A long line of Confederate Cav. 

My son was made honorary Provost to watch over camp 

Miss Jen jump roping

a peak of camp life

a cannon waiting for battle aimed towards horses

This was truly amazing to be a part of. The next few years are 150th events so hopefully we can make it to more battles on the east coast! When this was over we headed home. I was sad to leave the gorgeous scenery of the east coast but at the same time it was nice to get home and sleep in my own bed!

Gettysburg The Battle Field

Well Day 4 we finally made it to Gettysburg PA around 9pm! We slept really good that night! The next day we got up and went and visited the actual Battlefield! Well, the kids and I did. My hubby went for a 5 hour horse ride to ride around the battlefield. Wish he was able to come with us but we thought that would be a better experience for him.

The town of Gettysburg itself is a really cute town. They have so many old fashion shops and store fronts. You could see people walking around in civil war clothes all over the place. I just loved it! The I was able to drive part of the batlefield. I learned later though that I did not even see a quarter of what was there to see! But still. To be there and to see one of the major battle sites of the civil war was just… well I just can’t describe it. Here are some pictures to try to show it. These are only a few of the many I took!

One of the many features at the battlefield. You could go to the top and look out over everything. All around it was listings of each unit that was there. 

on the top was this directional plaque. They had on one each ledge showing which direction major things were (ie Wheatfield and Peach Orchard)

A view from up top

A reminder of the tragedy that unfolded here

A canon overlooking one of the battle sites
There was an observation tower that we climbed. This is a look at Peach Orchard from afar

Gettysburg is such a gorgeous place to visit. They have auto tours that you can take (a bus will take you around the whole battlefield and town). We saw old cars even acting as tour guides. I was told you really needed to plan 8+ hours to see everything on the battlefield. That includes the Museum and the Gettysburg National Cemetery.  Maybe one of these days we will go back and visit and see more of it!