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Lighting the Holiday with Scentsy #2016HolidayGiftGuide


I am a sucker for candles, or something like candles. I love making my house smell pretty while lighting it up. And thanks to Scentsy I can do that now with out worrying about a flame and my kids.

Scentsy is a company that I am recommending this holiday. They have things for the home and for the kids that are just absolutely amazing! One of my favorite things of course are the warmers. I have about 5+ of them! My latest one is the above. You can change out the outside. Right now I have the Christmas themed one but I also have a grapevine one:


Isn’t it pretty! I honestly can’t remember what scent I have in it right now. But my house smells like I am constantly baking and I love it! It makes your home just feel welcoming to guests. The other thing I use when guest are coming is Scentsy Fresh- (think something like fabreeze only better). I have their Order Out- my husky likes to lay on the couch so I spray it down real quick and spray down her actual bed and the wet dog smell is instantly gone. Oh and if you are like me with a popo under the roof- Yeah- it works on that stinky vest as well!


Now if you are having guest over this year put one of the Scentsy night lights in your bathroom. You put one of their melts in and turn it on- your bathroom will smell good the whole time they are there. I was surprised at how much light it gives off as well!



Now for the kids- I recommend their buddies! They are cute little stuffed animals that you can get a scent pack for and zip it into the back of the buddy. My kids each have a few and we keep the Jammy Time scent pack in it. The scent is calming and helps my night owls fall asleep a little easier. They also have their Buddy Clips like Mollie the Monkey and Stella the Unicorn (pictured above). They are really cute mini buddies that can be clipped onto a back pack or a diaper bag. The smell lasts a really long time!

So this Holiday Season be sure to check out Scentsy. They have some really cute holiday themed warmers and buddies! I have a nice list going for myself! Also be sure to join Linda’s Scentsy Family facebook group! She has some amazing deals posted on there!





~ I received products in order to facilitate a review and no other form of compensation was exchanged. The above thoughts are my own and honest opinions!~

Announcing the 2016 Sweet Country Chaos #HolidayGiftGuide

Holiday Gift Guide 2

I know! I am so sorry but I have got to get going on this! I am doing a Holiday Gift Guide again this year! But with a twist! I want to feature the work at home mom’s out there! So if you are in Direct Sales, or own an etsy shop or are a crafter here is what I can offer you:

Product Review Post: Send me a product and I will do a post about it, the quality, and you and your “why”. The post will link back to your site and encourage people to follow you and check you out for the holiday’s! The product must be an unused FULL SIZE (no sample sizes as i can’t gauge off of a small one time use). The post will be promoted on social media and pinned!

Product Review & Giveaway:  So this would include the above (so send me a product and you will get the above).  PLUS if you want we can run a giveaway- you get to choose the prize so it can be a product (this will be the second product) or it can be a gift card/code to your site for the dollar amount of your choice. The giveaway will be done on the same post as the review. It will be promoted several times during the giveaway period and also promoted on one of the top giveaway sites- You will be responsible for shipping the prize directly to the winner.

We have 2 kids- a boy age 11, and a girl that will be 10 a few days after Christmas. Then there is my husband and I, so we can feature gifts for kids, him, her or home.

So as a WAHM you are asking- why is she requiring products: well because that is my payment. I to am a WAHM. It takes time to promote and network to further the reach and trust me it is worth it! I will do everything I can to try to get your products and brands out there!

Contact me today by filling out the form below.  I will need all products by November 1st! I would like to have all giveaways ended no later than December 1st to assure that products are received in time for Christmas!  I should mention I do sell Younique and Dove myself so I will not accept inquiries from those two companies.

Below is a list of companies I am talking to. If the Sponsor is in bold that means they are CONFIRMED (confirmed will be I have the review product in my hands):







Cassandra Creations




Reptile Gardens- an adventure! @reptilegardens @southdakota


Reptile Gardens. Man I remember that place. I went when I was a kid so probably late 80’s and again in the 90’s. I know I totally just aged myself. But I remember it was a fun time. I remember riding on a giant tortoise, the pretty flowers, the reptiles. So when we found out we were going to South Dakota I just knew I had to take my kids.

Oh and how it did not disappoint. I loved seeing all the different flowers and birds in the botanical garden area.

IMG_3410 IMG_3413 IMG_3426 IMG_3437

My daughter loved seeing all the tropical birds and the beautiful flowers! I loved the vibrant colors of them. There was just one thing though- this guy:

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When my heart stopped

We all have those moments. Where everything just seems to stop as a parent. The moment you know something is wrong with your little one but you can’t fix it. The moment where you feel as if all your concerns are being dismissed and no one is listening to you. The moment you end up in the middle of your kitchen floor just sobbing because your child asks you “Why am I so sick mommy”.  That was me a week an a half ago. Broken hearted, frustrated, hurting for Little Miss who was miserable and feeling like no one cared.

But let’s back up a bit. First this post is going to be hard- so many emotions I have held in because I could not let it show. I had to be strong for my baby girl. But it all started in February. One Sunday Little Miss complained of extreme stomach pain. The pain seemed to disappeared by the morning but we still kept her home from school. She was fine again and we thought maybe she is starting to have more severe reactions to her gluten issues. But then the following Sunday came, we were really careful with food, yet the pain came back. Stronger and this time she threw up twice. We kept her home on that Monday and she refused to eat or drink. She was dehydrated that Tuesday but we got her situated and she went back to school that Wednesday, the 2nd. All was fine. The pain was gone for over a week. Then Thursday the 10th came. The pain came back. Stronger than before. That was it- I had enough. We took her to our local doctor. She was throwing up more and more as the time came. Doctor drew blood and did an xray- and was convinced it was just constipation. It couldn’t be. She was in so much pain and misery, and getting worse. That is where I was- Friday night- her crying asking why she was so sick, why wont the pain go away. I stayed strong. Got her laid back down and went into the kitchen and cried.   Continue reading

Discover Chocolate with #DoveChocolateDiscoveries


Over the past few months I have discovered and become addicted to a new company. Well new to me anyway. But that is Dove Chocolate Discoveries! We all know the Dove brand, we have seen them in the stores. But did you know they have a specialty line available only through the Chocolatiers?

Dove Discoveries offers home parties, and even virtual parties, that allow friends to gather and try some of their exclusive products. I am talking beverages, baking mixes, candies, and even rubs and other seasonings! I have had a few of these products and oh my goodness! Where have these been all my life?!?!?!

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Start A New Year with #Le-Vel


This year I am have a goal. To start being healthier. There are so many things to choose from but what are they all about. Well I thought I would tell you some about Thrive with Le-Vel.

Thrive is a natural supplement with vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, anti-oxidants, enzymes , pro-biotics, and amino acids.  They are lifestyle supplements that are specially formulated for Men and Women. They also have a shake that will help with weight management, fitness and lean muscle support.  Throw in their patch that has a time release delivery for mental clarity and appetite control through out the day. So let’s take a look at those- I will look at the for women ones.

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Sleep with #DoTerra & @doTwithTiffany


A few weeks ago we did a giveaway featuring some DoTerra essential oils from our rep Tiffany. Today I want to get serious and talk about the benefit of the oil, PastTense, that we featured in the giveaway.

First some back ground. Sleep in our house is well- a very rocky thing. My daughter is a night owl, and it takes her forever to unwind. And then she ends up tired and cranky on school mornings because she isn’t getting her sleep. My son is another story. He has some anxiety issues. Nothing major, just if he has to much change at once he goes in anxiety modes and has mood swings and nightmares.

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The Girl from The Train #bookreview #FCBlogger



When one is sick for a month what does one do? They read! And one of the latest books I read was a really good historical fiction book called The Girl from the Train by Irma Joubert.  This book takes you back in time and shows you a different side of things.

About the Author:

Irma Joubert lives and works in South Africa. After teaching for 35 years she decided to pick up writing and writes in her native Afrikaans. Since retiring she has written 8 novels and is often on the best seller list for South Africa and the Netherlands. The Girl from the Train is Irma’s first book to be translated into English.

About the Book:

This book starts out towards the end of World War 2 in Poland. Jakob is a part of the Polish Resistance and is trying to stop the German and Russians and tries to blow up a supply train. The only problem is, a train bound for a concentration camp gets to the bomb first. Leaving a young girl the only survivor. Over the time the two grow close together. But things are changing and they must separate. He sends her to South Africa where her past, including her Jewish roots, must stay hidden.

My thoughts:

This book had me hooked! It focused on the issues over in Europe even after the war and it addressed the adoption of many orphaned children. Through out the book she would give you enough of a line at each chapter to make you want to read on. I could not put this book down and it honestly did not take me long to read. Then again when you are sick you have a lot of time to read! I love historical fiction books and this one was just as good as all the others I have read. You can’t help but to fall in love with the whit that Gretl has, and you can just sense the charm and passion Jakob has running through him. It is so easy to fall into the story as if you are there with them. I must admit the ending was quite the surprise to me so you will have to pick up the book and find out why!

You can find this book online at the Family Christian Store. I highly recommend getting it today! It would make a great gift for a book lover this Christmas!

Announcing the #2015HolidayGiftGuide



I will be hosting a 2015 Holiday Gift Guide! I am looking for products to feature. Products we are open to featuring:

Gifts for Her: Clothing, jewelry, home decor items

Gifts for Him: Anything guys would like- sporting gear, clothing home decor

Gifts for Girls: I have a 9 year old little girl, so anything girly or horses. I do have a 3 year old niece so I could also feature something for that age as well.

Gifts for Boys: I have a 10 year old boy, sports, outdoors, science things.  I also have a 3 year old nephew and a 6 month old nephew so I can feature that age range as well!

Here is how you can get your company involved:

Sponsored Post: $50, I post a min of 300 words about your company with 2 links of your choice recommending your product for this years holiday shopping

Product Review: Cost of Product sent to me. Product will not be returned. In exchange an honest review will be published featuring 3 links, links to your social media, and original photos of the product.

Product Review & Giveaway: Cost: 1 product sent to me to review (see the description of review above). At the bottom of the review post a giveaway form will be set up to giveaway prize of your choice (gift card to site, or product of your choice to be sent to winner by you). The giveaway will have entries for following social media and browsing your site.

All Posts will be promoted on the Holiday Gift Guide tab, a Holiday Pinterest Board, and other Social Media. All posts will go live between November 15th and December 15th.

To join in on this fill out the form below!



Am I Worthy?


This is me. On a good day. I was tired of feeling depressed and if I was a good enough mother and wife. It has been a battle that I have been struggling with for the longest time. Which is why I have not been blogging much. And honestly normally I do not take my picture. I hate the way I look, my weight, my outdated hair. But my husband loves me the way I am. Well one day I thought I would actually do my hair and my make up. A task that took me 2 hours to do because well, as you can see I have a lot of hair. I started doing my make up more and actually trying to look nice even while doing house work. I have been keeping up on the house work and even helping my husband with tasks like cleaning the barn and picking up things covered in spiders (ewwww). But that has not helped my battle with self worth at all.

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