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15 years and a small break at The Pines


Sunrise at The Pines Resort and Campground in Deer River MN

It has been such a crazy year! I went back to working part time- It works out great because I don’t have to make a gazillion trips into town. Still doing my hustle of chocolate with The Cocoa Exchange and that is going good. Now the goal of getting back into blogging.

There is one thing this year that is major. The Popo and I celebrated 15 years! I have been told we are not normal but I am ok with that. We celebrated our 15 years at a resort  a friend bought off of Lake Winnibigoshish in Minnesota.

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Reptile Gardens- an adventure! @reptilegardens @southdakota


Reptile Gardens. Man I remember that place. I went when I was a kid so probably late 80’s and again in the 90’s. I know I totally just aged myself. But I remember it was a fun time. I remember riding on a giant tortoise, the pretty flowers, the reptiles. So when we found out we were going to South Dakota I just knew I had to take my kids.

Oh and how it did not disappoint. I loved seeing all the different flowers and birds in the botanical garden area.

IMG_3410 IMG_3413 IMG_3426 IMG_3437

My daughter loved seeing all the tropical birds and the beautiful flowers! I loved the vibrant colors of them. There was just one thing though- this guy:

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Deep in the BadLands @southdakota


Wow! What a crazy July! My son’s birthday, baseball tournaments, and our annual family adventure. This year it took us up to mountains. Ok to me they are mountains compared to the mass flatness of corn that we have hear. But either way you look at it- South Dakota is a beautiful state to visit. This year we visited the southwest corner of their state. And God, could I go back there in a heart beat!

Our first stop we made was more like a drive through. The Badlands. A place were you can see the perfect formations caused by weathering and erosion. God’s beautiful handi work all around. But sorry- man was it hot!  Ok enough of that.

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Visit North Platte #Roadtrip #VisitNP

This summer we decided to do a little bit of a staycation. You know- I have lived in the state of Nebraska all my life, but in a city of Omaha. It wasn’t until we moved out west that I realized there is so much more to do and see in Nebraska then just what is in our cities. So this summer I wanted to show you some of that and we spent a few days in North Platte.

Now you may have noticed me posting about different attractions but I wanted to let you know how I found those attractions and talk about a few other things we found to do as well. When I was trying to find something for our family this summer I came across the Visit North Platte Website. There I was able to find things to do, both free and otherwise, places to stay, and restaurants that were there. It was a big help when planning our little weekend getaway.

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Rollin Down the River #DustyTrails #VisitNP #Roadtrip


The Platte River. Full of sand and during the spring Sandhill Cranes flock for the biggest migration that is known for world wide. But there is a bunch of other things you can do. Like swimming, maybe having a picnic on one of the many sandbars. Or Tanking!

If you haven’t heard of tanking you are not alone. I have never heard of tanking until I moved out from the city. So when I was looking up things to do on our trip to North Platte, I knew tanking was something we needed to look into.

Dusty Trails was the place I found that could help us do just that. When looking at their site I found they can do horse trail rides, tanking, canoes, tubing, kayaking, and they say a zipline is coming soon. So if you are looking for adventures it sounds like contacting them is the way to go!  Since we own horses and can ride anytime we opted for the tanking this time around.

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Go West with the Buffalo Bill Ranch #Roadtrip #VisitNP


While traveling we love trying to through some sort of History in for our kids. For those who are just recently following. Our family does Civil War reenacting and the hubby used to do WWII reenacting. We haven’t had a chance to get out much though with his new job. So when we travel- we try visiting historical places.

While on our trip to North Platte we stopped at the Buffalo Bill State Rec Area. There you can not only camp, or hook up your RV and take a stroll along the Platte River. But you can tour one of the stopping places of Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show. Here he owned 4000 acres and called this home of his Scouts Rest Ranch. The park and house site sits on 25 acres of the original 4000 acre plot.

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See for Miles at #GoldenSpikeTower #VisitNP #RoadTrip


Ok you train enthusiasts. Here is something fun for you. Gold Spike Tower, home near Bailey Yard the largest rail yard in the nation. Where they service over 300 engines a day, and over 10,000 cars (about 150+ trains) come through a DAY. On our adventures in North Platte we started one morning with touring this beautiful and fun place! Now where to start with the pictures. I only have 59 of them from here! That is how beautiful the views were. But here are some of my favorites:

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Sleeping in with Super 8 #VisitNP #Roadtrip

Ok so maybe we didn’t sleep in. The kids wish we could have let them sleep longer but the Popo wanted to go to Dunkin Donuts since we do not have one near us.

While on our trip we had the pleasure of staying at a Super 8 in North Platte. This hotel was easy to access from the interstate was close to all the attractions so it was a good spot to stay! Check in was quick and easy and the people there were friendly. The lobby was nice and clean and very welcoming as well. Once we checked in we went straight to the rodeo before going to our room. It was shortly after 10 by the time we finally saw our room. It was a non smoking with two beds- however they were just full size so mental note for myself- make sure to get a room with queen size! The popo and I had an interesting time sharing a full size bed when we are used to a king size.

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A trip to remember: #KansasCity @VisitKC



Over the course of the month I have been posting little snip its of our trip to Kansas City. We were able to go spend a weekend there during the first weekend and it was amazing! However our trip could not be possible with out VisitKC.

Through their website we were able to find things that our family would enjoy. They also planned somethings that we would of never thought about going to with our kids!

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