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A Trip Back in Time @stuhrmuseum


This weekend as a weekend of family fun. We went back in time. And honestly that has more meaning to the Popo and I then the title holds!

We took our kids to a place I hold fond memories of. For those just joining in I do civil war reenacting. The event that started it all, was here at Stuhr Museum. But that isn’t all:


This is area of the museum I met my husband for the first time! We were at a reenactment here and one of my friends rode up to my friend and I with my husband. So Stuhr holds a special place in my heart- it is where I have met many good friends, and The Popo. But I love not only for that but for the History!

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Visit North Platte #Roadtrip #VisitNP

This summer we decided to do a little bit of a staycation. You know- I have lived in the state of Nebraska all my life, but in a city of Omaha. It wasn’t until we moved out west that I realized there is so much more to do and see in Nebraska then just what is in our cities. So this summer I wanted to show you some of that and we spent a few days in North Platte.

Now you may have noticed me posting about different attractions but I wanted to let you know how I found those attractions and talk about a few other things we found to do as well. When I was trying to find something for our family this summer I came across the Visit North Platte Website. There I was able to find things to do, both free and otherwise, places to stay, and restaurants that were there. It was a big help when planning our little weekend getaway.

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Rollin Down the River #DustyTrails #VisitNP #Roadtrip


The Platte River. Full of sand and during the spring Sandhill Cranes flock for the biggest migration that is known for world wide. But there is a bunch of other things you can do. Like swimming, maybe having a picnic on one of the many sandbars. Or Tanking!

If you haven’t heard of tanking you are not alone. I have never heard of tanking until I moved out from the city. So when I was looking up things to do on our trip to North Platte, I knew tanking was something we needed to look into.

Dusty Trails was the place I found that could help us do just that. When looking at their site I found they can do horse trail rides, tanking, canoes, tubing, kayaking, and they say a zipline is coming soon. So if you are looking for adventures it sounds like contacting them is the way to go!  Since we own horses and can ride anytime we opted for the tanking this time around.

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Go West with the Buffalo Bill Ranch #Roadtrip #VisitNP


While traveling we love trying to through some sort of History in for our kids. For those who are just recently following. Our family does Civil War reenacting and the hubby used to do WWII reenacting. We haven’t had a chance to get out much though with his new job. So when we travel- we try visiting historical places.

While on our trip to North Platte we stopped at the Buffalo Bill State Rec Area. There you can not only camp, or hook up your RV and take a stroll along the Platte River. But you can tour one of the stopping places of Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show. Here he owned 4000 acres and called this home of his Scouts Rest Ranch. The park and house site sits on 25 acres of the original 4000 acre plot.

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See for Miles at #GoldenSpikeTower #VisitNP #RoadTrip


Ok you train enthusiasts. Here is something fun for you. Gold Spike Tower, home near Bailey Yard the largest rail yard in the nation. Where they service over 300 engines a day, and over 10,000 cars (about 150+ trains) come through a DAY. On our adventures in North Platte we started one morning with touring this beautiful and fun place! Now where to start with the pictures. I only have 59 of them from here! That is how beautiful the views were. But here are some of my favorites:

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Sleeping in with Super 8 #VisitNP #Roadtrip

Ok so maybe we didn’t sleep in. The kids wish we could have let them sleep longer but the Popo wanted to go to Dunkin Donuts since we do not have one near us.

While on our trip we had the pleasure of staying at a Super 8 in North Platte. This hotel was easy to access from the interstate was close to all the attractions so it was a good spot to stay! Check in was quick and easy and the people there were friendly. The lobby was nice and clean and very welcoming as well. Once we checked in we went straight to the rodeo before going to our room. It was shortly after 10 by the time we finally saw our room. It was a non smoking with two beds- however they were just full size so mental note for myself- make sure to get a room with queen size! The popo and I had an interesting time sharing a full size bed when we are used to a king size.

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The Great Migration- A must see!

Calling all bird lovers! This is something if you haven’t seen you must see soon! Even if you are not an avid bird watcher- seeing the spring migration in Nebraska is something you should really add to your bucket list. It is just truly amazing the multitudes of birds you will see.

The Sandhill cranes are a beautiful bird that migrate right through the midwest every spring. So while you can see them in many different states the part that makes their trip to Nebraska more special is their 5 week layover along the Platte River.

It is estimated that over 500,000 cranes use a 30 mile stretch of the Platte River as their stopping ground during this great journey. You can find them between mid-February to mid-April and along the river inbetween Kearney, NE and Grand Island, NE. But that is not all! It is estimated that during this time you can see between 7-10 million ducks and geese making the same trek! I have lived in Nebraska all my life and have heard of this but have never witnessed it and appreciated the amount of birds that truly fly over head on a daily bases. While I am to far east for the cranes I see a ton of ducks and geese on daily bases. So one day we took a drive to see the cranes up close and personal. My daughter (the bird lover of the family) was in heaven. Here are some photos of our trip as well as some that were taken on just an every day drive.(sorry not the best quality!)

This is just a portion of the cranes we saw in this field. 

So those dark spots above the ground is the cloud of snow geese

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As mentioned those were not the greatest of photos. I have been trying to get back up to the river to see them again but time and weather has not allowed me to do so. The photos above do not even begin to show how many we saw (my battery kept dying and I couldn’t zoom in enough!). There is a reason why Forbes Magazine has labeled this the #1 place in the world for bird watchers! I really recommend making the trek to see and hear these beautiful birds. You can find some wonderful stopping places on the Nebraska Travels website. There are places like Rowe Sanctuary where you can rent a blind during sunrise or sunset to see these birds up close and personal on the river. You can also view this beautiful event on their live WebCam– the best time is normally around 7:30am CST and 7pm CST (the camera is on 24/7 so you can at least hear their song at night!).

~I was not compensated for this post in anyway. Just sharing an adventure that my kids and I took and will probably take more often!~