#HumanizingTheBadge Dear Officer #bookreview

This is not an easy post for me to write. I have been trying to figure out the words to do this post with. Last summer I struggled with the death of Det. Orozco but it inspired me to write about my blue family when I was suppose to write about my family (you can view that post HERE ). It was hard. It was my home town. I watched my husband struggle as a sister was taken to soon.

Then Elizabeth, Mike and Sloan from Humanizing the Badge put together a beautiful tribute to Det. Orozco and other officers. Dear Officer brought back so may emotions, so many tears. There is a picture right of the bat of a gentleman who removed his hard hat and knelt as the procession for Det. Orozco went by. An image that stuck in my mind from the day of her funeral. The honor, the respect. The tears came again.  The book is a series of letters, to officers, to the families, to the rookie spouse. All full of love and emotions, and images that just hit you. Yes, I cried some more while reading this book.

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Summer Road Trip 2016! @southdakota



I am a bit behind but we are road trippin this summer! We are heading to South Dakota for a few days!

I am really excited for this trip. We will be staying at a KOA camp site, Palmer Gulch, on our first night. Then we will be having fun with a boy scout camp, Medicine Mountain. The last night we will just stay at the boy scout camp while we do some touring!

While there we plan on visiting Mt. Rushmore, Reptile Gardens, Crazy Horse Rock and a few other places!

UPDATE: We are adding Custer State Park to our list! I can not wait to see all the wild life there! Little Miss is a bit weird- she is more excited for the tunnels!

I can’t wait to show you our adventure this summer! Be sure to follow me on Facebook to see our adventure!

Stir Fry with a twist #DCD #DoveChocolateDiscoveries


Sorry this isn’t one of my best pictures. I honestly had no intentions about blogging about this. It was just to good to not share with you!  I did a post a while back about Dove Chocolate Discoveries. Well after spending lots of money buying their products I thought I would sign up. And that has been the best decision I have made! I am getting to experience all new ways of enjoying cocoa. Including in every day cooking.

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When my heart stopped

We all have those moments. Where everything just seems to stop as a parent. The moment you know something is wrong with your little one but you can’t fix it. The moment where you feel as if all your concerns are being dismissed and no one is listening to you. The moment you end up in the middle of your kitchen floor just sobbing because your child asks you “Why am I so sick mommy”.  That was me a week an a half ago. Broken hearted, frustrated, hurting for Little Miss who was miserable and feeling like no one cared.

But let’s back up a bit. First this post is going to be hard- so many emotions I have held in because I could not let it show. I had to be strong for my baby girl. But it all started in February. One Sunday Little Miss complained of extreme stomach pain. The pain seemed to disappeared by the morning but we still kept her home from school. She was fine again and we thought maybe she is starting to have more severe reactions to her gluten issues. But then the following Sunday came, we were really careful with food, yet the pain came back. Stronger and this time she threw up twice. We kept her home on that Monday and she refused to eat or drink. She was dehydrated that Tuesday but we got her situated and she went back to school that Wednesday, the 2nd. All was fine. The pain was gone for over a week. Then Thursday the 10th came. The pain came back. Stronger than before. That was it- I had enough. We took her to our local doctor. She was throwing up more and more as the time came. Doctor drew blood and did an xray- and was convinced it was just constipation. It couldn’t be. She was in so much pain and misery, and getting worse. That is where I was- Friday night- her crying asking why she was so sick, why wont the pain go away. I stayed strong. Got her laid back down and went into the kitchen and cried.   Continue reading

Discover Chocolate with #DoveChocolateDiscoveries


Over the past few months I have discovered and become addicted to a new company. Well new to me anyway. But that is Dove Chocolate Discoveries! We all know the Dove brand, we have seen them in the stores. But did you know they have a specialty line available only through the Chocolatiers?

Dove Discoveries offers home parties, and even virtual parties, that allow friends to gather and try some of their exclusive products. I am talking beverages, baking mixes, candies, and even rubs and other seasonings! I have had a few of these products and oh my goodness! Where have these been all my life?!?!?!

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Start A New Year with #Le-Vel


This year I am have a goal. To start being healthier. There are so many things to choose from but what are they all about. Well I thought I would tell you some about Thrive with Le-Vel.

Thrive is a natural supplement with vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, anti-oxidants, enzymes , pro-biotics, and amino acids.  They are lifestyle supplements that are specially formulated for Men and Women. They also have a shake that will help with weight management, fitness and lean muscle support.  Throw in their patch that has a time release delivery for mental clarity and appetite control through out the day. So let’s take a look at those- I will look at the for women ones.

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Sleep with #DoTerra & @doTwithTiffany


A few weeks ago we did a giveaway featuring some DoTerra essential oils from our rep Tiffany. Today I want to get serious and talk about the benefit of the oil, PastTense, that we featured in the giveaway.

First some back ground. Sleep in our house is well- a very rocky thing. My daughter is a night owl, and it takes her forever to unwind. And then she ends up tired and cranky on school mornings because she isn’t getting her sleep. My son is another story. He has some anxiety issues. Nothing major, just if he has to much change at once he goes in anxiety modes and has mood swings and nightmares.

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Qalo Rings #2015HolidayGiftGuide #Giveaway


This year I have been struggling with shopping for my husband. Why is it guys are the hardest to shop for? They never really say what they want, or what they do want is just more hunting gear that they don’t really need. I know, I know guys, you can never have to much hunting gears, guns, ammo, tactical gear or what ever.

I do have a great gift idea though. How many of your hubby’s do not wear the wedding rings? I mean lets face it. They do stuff where if that ring where to get caught it could mean a missing finger or worse. But now they have no excuse! Have you heard of Qalo? Continue reading

Staying Healthy with #DoTerra #2015HolidayGiftGuide #Giveaway US Only


One of the important things to our family is living a natural and healthy style. I have slowly started getting into using essential oils and am still learning of all the wonderful benefits. One thing I use all the time is Lavender Oil. This is really a great multi use oil. It helps with hypertension,  headaches, it calms my son when he is having anxiety issues. But it can also help with this like burns, instect bites and more.

I am starting to learn about other oils though. Like Past Tense from DoTerra. It comes in an easy to apply roller to help with Tension Headaches. This may be what I need this holiday season. Being an LEOW the holidays are always stressful trying to figure out when to see family and arranging things like that. Continue reading

The Gift that Keeps Giving @WorldVisionUSA #GiftCatalog #2015HolidayGiftGuide #Giveaway ~US only


I want to take a moment to get serious. We all know that the holiday is about family and giving. But why not give your family a gift that keeps on giving?

World Vision is a Christian Organization that helps people in 3rd World Countries. They also give you ways you can help as well. You can do something as simple as sponsor a child, but what if you could make an impact like giving a community some livestock, or help them build a well with fresh and safe water to drink.  Well thanks to the World Vision Gift Catalog, you can!

The World Vision Gift Catalog allows you to choose from something like giving a community a goat for milk, maybe some chickens for eggs, a pig, or a beehive for as low as $19. You can also choose to send some communities much needing clothing or even shelter! Your contribution will go to families in need in poverty stricken countries.

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