Salmon with Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce


It has been WAY to long since I have posted a recipe. I am trying to get better about keeping up the blog and sharing recipes. At least that is my goal. Along with eating healthier and exercising! I am really starting to change my meal mentality to fresh and I am using things like fresh squeezed lemons, fresh parsley, fresh basil, ect. So far I have not been disappointed!

So tonight I really had no intention on blogging this (hence the poor quality picture). I came across this recipe online thanks to Cooking with Class. I had to adjust because well my pans suck so for the pan seared part that it is suppose to be head over to her site where you will find the recipe.

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Come Party with me and #PartyTimeMixes



I am soooo excited. Ok first of all I am not getting paid for this post. I just like to give shout out to companies I have discovered. There are so many mom’s out there trying to help out their families and are doing so by Direct Sales. From time to time I am going to feature those businesses to help them out.

First up- Party Time Mixes. OMG! Where has this company been! As you can see I tried them once and now have bought so many mixes so I thought it was about time and Party Time Mixes. My consultant is Party Time Mixes and I can not for her to share the goodies they have to offer.

Ok so Party Time mixes. They have a line of drink mixes, dessert mixes (see that cheesecake- cant WAIT to make that!), and dips. They come with easy peasy recipes on the packets. But honestly, I love you can use them for other things. I have used the Bacon Lovers Ranch Dip to make my Ranch Pasta salad and it turned out amazing!

So please join us on Monday (April  24th) to learn more about these products!

You can also learn more about Shawna and her company by following her on Facebook!








~ I am not compensated for this post- the products pictured are the ones I have bought. The above thoughts are my own and honest opinions!~ 

Business Opportunity #WAHM


So I have mentioned on of the things keeping busy is my new business with The Cocoa Exchange. I haven’t really talked much about this but felt I needed to share with you. It is possible to make some extra money while doing what you love if cooking is your passion like it is mine.

I considered the many amazing companies out there and I still order from them. But I had to find something that wasn’t in my small little section of the world. That was when I was introduced to Dove Chocolate Discoveries- instant love- I started selling a little over a year ago and have grown so much and had amazing opportunities and I was so close to earning a trip to Jamaica in my first year! That is something to be proud of.

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Work Work Work


Photo taken by me near a river.


Now more then ever our blog name is really fitting! Sweet Country Chaos! lol

So I have been looking for part time work to no avail (hard to find part time work when you are in middle of towns that are less than 1000 people. So the Popo is working 2 more jobs to help us out. What does that mean to me? Time to crack down on my work from home prospects! As mentioned I am with The Cocoa Exchange and I am ready to take that to the next level!

I will be sharing some recipes on here and some products. But I also want to get back to why I wanted to blog- to share our chaos! After all with the Popo gone literally 6 days a week (sometimes 7) I have me myself and I to talk to! That means now starting to talk to you more!

Little Miss has also been keeping me on my toes. Her stomach pains decided to make a return but not as severe as last time. So off to a GI doctor we go in a couple of weeks along with an ultrasound and blood work before we go. She is oh so happy with me!

Soon school will be out for the summer and that means some adventure posts for you guys! I can not wait to share some of our favorite adventures.  I am also thinking about getting back to my weekly menu planning. I loved hearing your thoughts on meals and ideas. Back to the basic and why I loved to write!

Where we have been



Wow what a crazy winter and year! So sorry I have been MIA we have just had a lot going on! It has been almost a year since my daughter’s unexpected surgery and she is doing great. Little Miss is truly a trooper and bounced back quickly. We are still under the care of a GI- we had her on a regular diet for testing and she had NO reactions to the regular foods. The GI believes she either a- never had a gluten sensitivity and was misdiagnosed or she out grew it. Either way with Celiac running in our family we are still watching our gluten intake but are not strictly guten free any more.

As to the rest of us- Little Man (I think I need a new nickname for him) is doing good. He recently crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts so on to a next chapter for that. The Popo has switched days off so the kids get to see him a bit more. And well me- I am now 100% stay at home mom. I have had some medical issues but are slowly working through those. The biggest thing is my blood pressure and needing to lose weight. So be on the look out for some healthier meals and recipes.  But also for some that use CHOCOLATE!  Yes I am with (formerly Dove Chocolate Discoveries) The Cocoa Exchange and am loving it. It has been a huge blessing to our family during this transition.

Well that is about all! Stay tuned as we work out some summer activities, recipes, father’s day gifts, mother’s days gifts and so much more as I get back into blogging!

Christmas Parties with #Tyra #HolidayGiftGuide2016

So many parties and so little time! Seriously is it me or is this time of year a bit crazy? So when time really has me in a loop I look for quick make up options!  But then I met Tyra Beauty.

Tyra beauty was created by Tyra Banks to give you a flawless look, and quick! I love her honesty on her website about her products. On her site she flats out tells us how it is

“to give you the power to transform what you’ve got, into what you want—fast! Until now, quality makeup has been time consuming, complicated, and pretty damn intimidating. Forget all that! We’ve created innovative, luxurious and easy-to-use products to help you look and feel your fiercest—in just minutes!”

And she isn’t kidding! I have had the pleasure to try her products and I was impressed. I have always been afraid to highlight and contour- it just looks to complicated. But with some goodies I received from one her of her wonderful Beautytainers, I was ready to attempt it!


OK so this is me with no make up on. Feel loved, because I never take my picture let alone with out make up! My make up routine consists of foundation, eye shadow and mascara. That is it. So here it goes:


My kids call this my “war paint”. I think they watch to much Peter Pan but never mind that! This product is their Sculpt in a Stick and their Light in a Stick (aka their 2 Minute TyOver). I just put the Sculpt in a Stick just below my cheek bone and the Light in a Stick on my cheek bone, and jaw bone (below the dark) and blended it in. SIMPLE!

Once I was done with that I moved onto my eyes- I used Tyra’s Eyes in a Stick in the color “Once you go brown” and “TyTy’s EyesEyes” along with a lighter almost white color in the corners. I was curious how this would look because I have never heard of eye shadow like this- But I am impressed! It went on smooth and lasted all day and night! I finished my eye look with their Brow.Set.Match. Something I honestly would have never tried- but I like how it filled in the eyebrows I already have but not over powering it. And then of course Tyra’s Mascara, which is fun to use with the hint of blue it has in it.


I finished off the look with the “What it Takes” Lip Model color. It is a bit bolder then I am used to but I liked it! It was also very long lasting.


And there you have it! A quick easy to do look in just minutes. It honestly did not take me long to do. Less then 5 minutes I want to say. This look lasted all day and into the night. I was really happy with it!

So this holiday season for your parties- or even as stucking stuffers for the make up lover in your life check out Tyra! If you need help I highly recommend talking with Sharon! She is a great help and an amazing rep!

You can learn more by visiting Sharon’s Tyra page or contact her on Facebook!  So go check it out! Right now if you spend $85 you get a free make up bag and a free mystery gift!









~I received the above products in order to facilitate a review. No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions!~ 


Focusing on the #Holiday with #Nerium #HolidayGiftGuide2016

I don’t know about you but the Holiday season, ok well winter in general, leaves me in a fog and chaos. One thing I have always been told is to take certain vitamins but I have been a skeptic.

But that is where Nerium has come into play. Nerium is a line of age defying products for the face, mind and body. Using science they have been able to create unique ingredients that help you. From Eye serum, creams, to suppliments Nerium can help you.

I have been using Nerium’s EHT Age Defying Suppliment for a while now. Again at first I was a skeptic. With ingredients like Vitamin D, B12, B6, and Magnesium and EHT (a natural mixture of molecules isolated from Coffee) it helps you stay focused and your brain alert.

Like I mentioned this time of year- I am in a fog- between the crazy schedules, the holiday programs, then the constantly gray cold- my mind is mush. So I was willing to give this a try. I must admit; I have noticed a difference. I am more alert- it is easier for me to get things done. And I notice if I miss a day. I take 1 tablet every morning with breakfast and I am ready to seize the day!

So if you are like me and find it hard to stay on top of the holiday chaos- I highly suggest giving Nerium a try! If you like it- then give their other products a go as well! You can learn more about Nerium by visiting their website.




~I received the above product from an indepent rep with Nerium in order to facilitate a review. The above thoughts are my own and honest opinions. Please note- I am not a nutritionist nor a doctor- the above article is NOT to be used for medical advice.~ 

Holiday Parties with LuLaRoe #2016HolidayGiftGuide

This year when you are looking for your Christmas Party outfit start with  LuLaRoe! What is LuLaRoe? Why it is clothing! Your own personal stylist that can come to your door and help you find some really cute clothes with really unique prints!

Ok- So this post- I was going to take pictures of me in the items I was sent but you know me- I am self conscience and hate being in pictures. But I received a really cute skirt, some leggings and a cute and comfortable shirt. And I love them all! The shirt is actually one of my favorites to wear when I am hanging out at home. Comfortable- then the leggings… Oh my goodness- see I am a bit overweight so I would have never thought of wearing them. but they are too comfy not to wear! Each stylist has their own inventory of one of a kind prints and styles.

The other thing I like about it is that you can dress it up and dress it down and have several outfits with 1 item. Take these two for example:

13645068_10209901928452696_7655013888030841286_n 13718645_10209995493031752_5126361005299037279_n


You can be dressed for work, for shopping or for that holiday party!  I absolutely love things that you can change up and make a small wardrobe look big! They also have some really cute things for kids!

Now these particular LuLaRoe outfits and the items I received are courteous of Kimberly. 27 year old SAHM and entrepreneur. She is from Boulder CO and is married to her high school sweet heart with 2 kiddos! Now why did she choose LuLaRoe- well I was going to try to explain it but her words are better ” I chose LuLaRoe because of the amazing company and support system. At a time where I felt I was losing myself after being a stay at home mom for 5 years I needed a way to help find myself again. LuLaRoe has ignited a fire in me that seemed to have been gone for a long time. ”

Kimberly in her family all dressed in LuLaRoe clothing!

Kimberly in her family all dressed in LuLaRoe clothing!

I think we can all relate to that! Wondering what we can do to help out our families while still being there for them. It is companies like LuLaRoe that make that happen for people! So this Holiday season check out what Kimberly has to offer by joining her facebook group.

She will be having a Black Friday deal with free shipping so please join in on her group so you do not miss out on those. Also if you are in the Boulder CO area and want to get some girl friends together Kimberly can bring her inventory to you for some fun, clothes, and shopping! The first 5 ladies from Boulder and surrounding areas who schedule an in home party will not only get the usual host incentives of 1 free item for every 10 items solds, plus % off for any item in between PLUS a free pair of leggings, and 1 item of your choice!! JOIN HERE to book your party!!!







~I received some items from Kimberly to review- no other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions!~ 

Lighting the Holiday with Scentsy #2016HolidayGiftGuide


I am a sucker for candles, or something like candles. I love making my house smell pretty while lighting it up. And thanks to Scentsy I can do that now with out worrying about a flame and my kids.

Scentsy is a company that I am recommending this holiday. They have things for the home and for the kids that are just absolutely amazing! One of my favorite things of course are the warmers. I have about 5+ of them! My latest one is the above. You can change out the outside. Right now I have the Christmas themed one but I also have a grapevine one:


Isn’t it pretty! I honestly can’t remember what scent I have in it right now. But my house smells like I am constantly baking and I love it! It makes your home just feel welcoming to guests. The other thing I use when guest are coming is Scentsy Fresh- (think something like fabreeze only better). I have their Order Out- my husky likes to lay on the couch so I spray it down real quick and spray down her actual bed and the wet dog smell is instantly gone. Oh and if you are like me with a popo under the roof- Yeah- it works on that stinky vest as well!


Now if you are having guest over this year put one of the Scentsy night lights in your bathroom. You put one of their melts in and turn it on- your bathroom will smell good the whole time they are there. I was surprised at how much light it gives off as well!



Now for the kids- I recommend their buddies! They are cute little stuffed animals that you can get a scent pack for and zip it into the back of the buddy. My kids each have a few and we keep the Jammy Time scent pack in it. The scent is calming and helps my night owls fall asleep a little easier. They also have their Buddy Clips like Mollie the Monkey and Stella the Unicorn (pictured above). They are really cute mini buddies that can be clipped onto a back pack or a diaper bag. The smell lasts a really long time!

So this Holiday Season be sure to check out Scentsy. They have some really cute holiday themed warmers and buddies! I have a nice list going for myself! Also be sure to join Linda’s Scentsy Family facebook group! She has some amazing deals posted on there!





~ I received products in order to facilitate a review and no other form of compensation was exchanged. The above thoughts are my own and honest opinions!~

A healthy me- week 2


Welcome back! It has been a crazy busy week here. We are getting ready for popcorn sales for Little Man’s cub scouts, plus a camping trip a week away. I have a vendor show for my Dove Chocolate Discoveries business on Saturday and Little Miss is home sick today. Never a dull moment in our house!

This week went a little better on the exercise- I think the field trip we went on last Friday helped out a lot. I probably walked about 2 miles that day before it rained. I do not have a step tracker so I am just guestimating. I also used the elliptical a bit more this week. I did find some work out sessions on Amazon Prime so this week I plan on trying those starting tonight!

The food wise is another topic. I ate like crap. Which is why today’s picture is me telling my stomach to shut up! So Friday- I had some time to kill before I went to the school for the field trip. Clearly that meant I needed a bacon egg and cheese bagel sandwich from McD’s with a medium Caramel Frappe. My son made our lunch which was PB&J, some apples and some Chips. I was still hungry so while I waited for them I got a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a Dr. Pepper from Runza. Yep- totally need those carbs! HA! Really the rest of the week wasn’t to terrible for Breakfast I would mostly just have toast if anything, I did have a bowl of cheerios with banana in it. Lunch was left overs as usual- except for Monday- I was out and about so I stopped at Sonic for a chicken sandwich, tater tots and a Lg Cherry Limeade. (again killed my diet).  I did have a healthy meal plan worked out and grocery shopping done. But my kids probably threw it away because I can’t find it! So here was our dinners for the week-

Saturday- Tacos

Sunday- Left Overs

Monday- Chicken fingers and baked beans

Tuesday- Biscuits and Gravy (it was in the 50’s and drizzling so perfect comfort food)

Wednesday- Pizza (it was just my son and I since Little Miss is sick)

Today I think we will have grilled cheese and tomato soup (another chilly dreary day so more comfort food).


Even though I did not eat the greatest I am down to 188 lbs! So I did lose a pound! This week I am going to focus on continuing the exercise and trying to motivate myself- but also eating better. I noticed I snack a lot when we are running around everywhere and when I am stressed (I broke open a bag of PURE DARK Peppermint Rounds last night). So need to work on that or find healthier options for snacking since my stomach thinks I need to eat when bored.

So topic question of the week: Are you a snacker when you are bored or stressed? What are some of the things you do instead of snacking or what are some of your favorite healthy snacks?




~ I am a chocolatier for Dove Chocolate Discoveries. I am only paid a commission IF someone places an order through one of the links provided. Otherwise no form of compensation is being received for link placement. ~