Below you will find a list of services I provide for companies. I work with a wide range as long as they are family friendly. I believe in providing the best quality companies can find in this form of advertising by providing detailed reviews and promoting on as many media sources as possible.

  • Reviews
  • Giveaways
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Ad Space

My Stats:- 
  • Facebook – 10,954
  • Twitter – 4,656
  • Pinterest- 2,350
  • Instagram (just added)- 402
  • Unique Pageviews – 2000
  • Total Pageviews- 3000

Brands I have worked with:

Norelco Multi Groomer



Chef’s Choice

Weston French Fry Cutter

Hallmark Interactive Story Buddy

SmartLab Toys

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Shows we have reviewed:

Cirque Dreams


Reviews can be done for the price of the product. The product must be full size in order for me to be able to do a full review with. This item will not be returned once review is done. NO COUPONS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR THE REVIEW ITEMS. The actual item needs to be sent unless discussed with me prior. I live in a rural area and a lot of times can not locate certain products unless I drive over an hour away.  My reviews will contain:

  • Info about the company and the product
  • links to the company website and links to the product page itself as well as links to any media source
  • Original photos of the product and the product in use
  • An honest opinion about the product- should there be a negative opinion I will share the post with the company before publishing and let the company decide if they wish to proceed or not.
  • If the item is food or cook supplies I will also try to feature the item in a 2nd recipe post if applicable.
Please note: I do try to post reviews with in 14 business days of receiving the products- however- due to being a full time working mother of two there may be times where the posting may take a bit longer. This should only be delayed if I have sick kids or other family things going on and these delays are rare!


  • Giveaways will be done with either the cost of product to review (review guidelines still apply) or a stand alone giveaway for a cost that will be negotiable (not to exceed $100)
  • Main Entry will gather the person’s name and email
  • Extra entries can include following on facebook, twitter, or products page
  • Once giveaway has ended I will contact the winner giving them 48 hours to claim the prize. I will then forward the information on to the sponsor. It will be the responsibility of the sponsor to get the prize to the winner.
  • Giveaway will be put together via an entry tool such as Promosimple or Rafflecopter

Sponsored Posts:

I am open to doing a sponsored post as long as the topic is family friendly. My rate is $45 if I write the post $30 if post is provided. Per Google guidelines since I will be paid for these all links will be a no follow. By doing this it will optimize the search engine results.

Ad Space:

I am open to posting an ad block on my page for a fee. Since this is a new feature I am still working out the details. It must be family friendly. Until further notice prices are negotable as I research this option.

Below are my Disclosures:


There may be times when I post deals using “referral links”, which reward me monetarily when you click on them.  There may also be times that I earn a small commission or payment when you print a coupon or participate in a particular deal.  I will NOT, however, post these items purely for the compensation.  If I do not feel it is a great deal for my readers, it will not get posted.

The words and stories on this blog are my own and the photos are taken by me. If I use a photo from another source I will give credit to that source. While I do not mind that you share my posts (I actually encourage it) I am going to request that you do not use word for word any of my thoughts. I also do not give permission for my photos to be used with out contacting me. As to Pinterest- you have my permission to pin photos from my recipes and my crafts. Any picture in a post with the “Photography” label may not be pinned.

If you have any questions or would like to sponsor a giveaway or would like me to review a product please fill out the form below.

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